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Hogwarts Psychoanalysis by House and Typology : #003 Ravenclaw
If you do not know what typology is, or you do not know your own typology, please go here before continuing on below.

This is a very common type among Ravenclaws, and they are some of the most intuitive and considerate within the house. They often watch others, saying nothing, but modestly offering to lend a useful hand when they are needed. They are not very social, but tend to have a few very close friends. These people they are very loyal to, and willing to do things they would not normally do if they need it.
Architect Ravenclaws are great philosophers and theorists, thinking of the world in their own unique way and rarely letting others influence it. They try to figure out how things work on their own, and they want to solve problems that no one else has seemed to be able to. Their mission in life is to try and make the world a better place, and they do this through their bright intellect.